We all have drawn up a certain concept that it is relatively safe during the busy hours in comparison with the pitch dark solicited time of night. However, we assure you that it is just a misconception!

When we pay heed to the present statistics, it reflects that about 40% of the break-ins at home happened during the broad daylight. Whether you are working at the office or went to the supermarket to shop some groceries, there is a higher risk of a burglary in comparison with the night hours when you are sleeping in your home.

So don't get blinded by the common myth that someone can get into your home and steal only using their cloak of the darkness. It is imperative to keep a stern watch on your property at all times of the day.

Luckily, you can take your home off a criminal's target list with some quick fixes. Let's get to the tips now.

• Keep your home clean from outside. Keep your yard tools and kids' toys in their place. Also, never let the shrubs and trees in your front yard and backyard grow past the window height. Keep it trimmed to give the exterior of your home a neat and tidy look. All this makes it harder for would-be-thieves to sneak in.

• Lock and conceal windows and doors. A nice breeze feels good when you're home. However, use drapes and curtains to prevent anyone walking on the street have a clear look at what's all going on in your home. Also, lock your windows and doors when you leave your home. Consider installing motion sensors and smart door locks, if you can't really remember it every time.

• Install high-tech security systems. To gain peace of mind about your property being watched every second of the day when you are away for work or vacation, install security camera system. There are a countless number of options for security cameras and digital video recorders. You can choose the best one for your home based on your requirements. You can also choose to get instant notifications on your phone for ambiguous events. Benefit from live monitoring to keep a check on everything.

• Tell it through signs. When you choose to keep a watch on your property through video surveillance, advertise it through yard signs. You can put signs like, “You are being watched by security cameras” or ” A virtual eye is pointing at your way. Be careful.”. These signs are a visual deterrent and make any would-be-burglar to think twice before shortlisting your property as their next target.

• Never display your shopping. The packaging of the expensive items will definitely stand out from the regular garbage in your trash can. When a burglar gets to know that there are expensive things in the house, it will up your number in their top targets. To avoid being a burglar's target, cut the large boxes into smaller bits and make sure to shed the parts where the logos are printed.

So what are your tips to ward off criminals and burglars in order to safeguard your home? Let me know them all through comments!


Source by Lee Mark