Today surveillance cameras are used in every household. This can help to overcome domestic violence or any kind of break-in which might disturb us. There can be unfortunate times when our children can be at a greater risk when they are alone at homes. Not only this, the domestic help working at your house can also encourage someone to rob your house during your absence.

These security cameras help the owner to gain additional information about the breakthrough or about any kind of burglary. The images are recorded in the database which provides adequate information regarding time elapsed, date and day and also the image of the intruder or a burglar.

These ADT monitoring cameras are connected to your PCs or Laptops through which the owner can now see the happenings in his house even if he is spending is on a holiday some where in Hawaii. ADT security services also provides a system with up to 12 indoor or outdoor color cameras that can be viewed by using a web-enabled PC, Laptop, cell phone or the user can also use his TV to view the happenings in the house.

The ADT monitoring cameras lets the owner know about

An Uninvited Guest: The ADT monitoring camera helps the owner to see who's at the doorsteps before even the owner opens his door.

Confirmation: The surveillance cameras also allow the parents to see and confirm that they children have arrived safely home from school.

Monitoring Your Child: The parents can now watch their child playing or crying while they are still busy working around the house.

Keep a Close View: The owner can now have a close look on his home and his premises while he is working in his office or is away on a vacation or a business tour. He can keep his watch through his Laptop or through his phone.

Email Alerts: The owner can now receive email alerts on his phone or his PCs at the initial steps of the trouble that takes place in his house.

View Video through Web: The owner can now view the incident that strikes his house through his web enables cellular phones or through his PDA.

Triggered Events: The surveillance cameras can record up to 30 seconds of each triggered event that might take place at your home.

Saving: The owner can now save up to 30 days of continuous activation with a DVR service.

These security cameras can easily be installed without even using the cables or wires, the owner can mount them at any place by using couple of screws. The surveillance cameras are also available in night vision mode and infrared sensors that enables the user to see through pitch-dark situations with clear video quality. These cameras are built to withstand and work even at high intensity climatic conditions which could be freezing cold or high temperature heat.

The ADT monitoring cameras come with screen touch facility where the user can roll down his fingers to gain information about the happening in his house. The images are recorded digitally which gives a clear view about the break-in in the owner's house.

Source by Jhon Brown