Who would ever have thought that eBay would become such a household name. eBay is not only the biggest auction site, but also the biggest marketplace in the world and their worldwide presence is unrivalled by any other website. eBay managed to built itself a reputation the world over as the place to come and find whatever you may be looking for. Regardless of what it is – somewhere in the world someone will sell it. Along with this reputation, eBay managed to do what ruined many of the early e-commerce sites, which was to build trust and confidence amongst their customers. On Ebay, people are willing to spend and the confidence they have in Ebay's payment and delivery system is reflected in their sales. With this in mind, starting an eBay auction business can be a highly lucrative venture for you.

One of the things that make eBay the success that they are, is that they offer virtually any person the opportunity to plug into their business. By opening your own eBay store you can get instant access to a huge client base – which is the very crux of doing business online.

Many entrepreneurs starting their own online businesses fail by not attracting enough customers to their website. Competition online can be fierce and website traffic has become a commodity. By starting your own eBay auction business you can eliminate this problem to a large extent. Starting your own eBay store is incredibly simple and inexpensive and you can just plug into Ebay's proven payment system without any difficulty or lengthy application and approval processes.

If this sounds too easy then hold your horses. Anybody who owns and runs a store can tell you the one simple truth: it's hard work! Running your own eBay store is no different and along with success can come a lot more ‘hassle'. Dealing with customer issues, inventory and shipping orders can soon become a full time job. Although the profit potential is big, an eBay auction business is still hard work and many online entrepreneurs are trying to escape a full time job without sacrificing a full time income.

There is a slight twist on the theme though and out of the frustration of dealing with al the typical hassles that comes with owning a store, many entrepreneurs turned to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing became popular in the mid 90's and to this day it forms a huge part of online businesses and websites like Amazon rely almost entirely on affiliates. The fact that eBay offers a very generous affiliate commission on the sale of products opened up a new avenue for those who want to benefit from eBay without the usual hassles of running an online store.

By starting your own affiliate store you can start an eBay auction business without actually selling anything. By simply promoting certain products in your ‘virtual storefront' you can direct customers to the most appropriate products and earn a commission for the sales that result from your referral. Although the profit margins are a lot smaller than if you were to run your own eBay store, the amount of work is a lot less. In fact, you can set your affiliate eBay store on autopilot and pretty much let it run itself while you keep earning commissions.

Residual income is a very powerful concept and one that the internet absolutely allows you to plug into. Most people today earn ‘linier income' which means that they exchange time for money. Residual income on the other hand means that you do work once and it continues to work for you and earn money for you. This is the realm of the rich and with the internet it is within your reach.

The idea however, is to not be enslaved by a job you hate and to create the life you desire. Regardless of your preferences you can make money from home and with an eBay auction business anyone can do it. Whether you sell your own products or whether you sell other people's products, eBay offers you the opportunity. It's all a matter of taking action and making it work for you.

Source by Deon Plessis