Home automation has brought a revolutionizing change in the modern day habitats. The smart homes have transformed a lot with the intelligent technology. Be it the automated blinds and lights in the bedroom, the home theatre in the living area or the kitchen area with smart sensors that make your tasks easier while taking care of your safety – home automation can change every room to a smart hub. Automating most of the kitchen appliances is not only the new cool, but with a high-tech kitchen, cook up the most delicious dishes while making the most out of your time – it is the place where you cook, eat, chat on the phone, and make little memories every day. Yes, it is true; we spent a lot of time moving through the kitchen than any other part of the house.

With convenience technologies, gear up your kitchen with entertainment and communication. You can mount your touchpanel in the kitchen to have easy access to lighting, temperature and security, all without leaving the kitchen. Also, with the Wi-Fi technology, you can be in touch with your friends and family and communicate with them with a single click!

Some more automation tricks to transform your kitchen to an entertainment hub:


Automate your audio system to play your favourite channel on the internet radio or old-school FM radio if you do not want to miss the show by your favourite RJ! Keep up with news and entertain yourself with music. The modern-day connected kitchen with multi-room audio system with a dedicated touchpanel or even a smart phone. Now, even when you are busy, you won't miss the news in the morning and the rocking internet music channel in the evening!

Internet access

No, you don't need to put that laptop amidst the vegetables and spill water on it for worse. With the wall-mounted iPad stay abreast with news, recipes and updates from the friends, without any hassle!


Control and monitor the security system of your home with live camera feed from the kitchen with home automation. Get to know who is at the front door before you open the door with the smart access management system. Integrate your smartphone or iPad to receive alerts whenever there is any suspicious activity.

Lighting and appliance control

From the kitchen itself, now you can control the lights in the rest of the house. With specialized functions of home automation, like setting the mood for the time of the day, adjusting the light levels and more, control your home and also save energy without the need of walking down from room to room.

Also control window shades, thermostats or the humidifier with a single click.

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Source by Srinivas Rao Bangaru