Step 1 – Set Up an IFTTT Account

Head over to to get started and create a new account.

Step 2 – Create a New Applet

IFTTT calls each process you make an “applet.” Click “My Applets,” then select “New Applet” in the top right.

Step 3 – Add the Trigger

Click on the “+this” button in the middle of the screen. A new page will appear, showing lots of different services. Each of these services can be used to define a trigger. When a certain condition is met, the applet is triggered and responds with an action!

In this case, we want the trigger to be the sun setting. Search for “weather” in the search bar, and select the Weather Underground service.

Scroll down and select the “Sunset” trigger. This trigger fires whenever the sun sets near you.

Step 4 – Choose an Action Service

IFTTT offers hundreds of available actions. Action services range from software services, like Instagram or Spotify, to hardware services, like smart lights and more!

At this screen, you need to search for your specific product. It could be a smart plug or smart lights. Most major smart home products interface with IFTTT. Try searching for the brand of your smart device and see what comes up!

Step 5 – Choose the Action

Now that we have found the action service that corresponds to your smart device, we need to choose the action! Each device might have slightly different actions available. Smart lights and smart plugs will always have an on and off action available.

After selecting the “Turn on” action, IFTTT asked me which of my smart plugs I wanted to activate. If you have multiple smart devices, you may see the same screen.

And that's it! Now your light is configured to turn on every day when the sun sets! I personally like this because I can come home from work to a bright and welcoming house.

If you want to choose a time for the lights to turn off, make another IFTTT Applet. This time, choose the “Date & Time” service as the Applet trigger.

There are multiple options for this trigger. In this case, pick the “Every day at” trigger. From here, you can choose a specific time to shut off your lights.

Next, select your action service and then your action. Simply pick the same smart device you used earlier, then choose the “Turn off” action.

Now your lights will turn on at sunset and shut off at your desired time! I also configured my lights to turn on and off in the morning when the sun rises. Figure out the timing that works for you and you'll never need a light switch again!

Source by Mitchell Carlson