In 2003, Joel Peterson started his first internet online marketing business. He worked hard and tried many different systems before his accomplishments started breeding success. Like other newbies in the internet business, he tried to figure out which programs to start with. Like other entrepreneurs in the marketing world, he stumbled over and over again, until one day he cracked the code and started profiting from it.

It didn't take long before he became an expert in paid traffic and search engine optimization. He also worked with affiliate marketing using pay-per-click and social media marketing. One of his most memorable accomplishments was when he used Google Ad-words and had billions of ad impressions and millions of pay-per-click hits. His success multiplied with time and he was able to amass a small fortune.

When Joel was a child, people in his farming community said he would make a great businessman some day. Growing up in a rural area without a lot of money taught him the value of a dollar, but most of all it helped him learn how to be frugal. Because of this he learned methods of selling and how to save. One of Joel's first jobs was selling eggs from his own chicken farm. From there he started a Karate School at his home and even began selling Cutco knives. He brags about still having that same set of Cutco knives that he used for demonstrations almost 20 years ago! From there, he spent a couple of years as a missionary in Toronto, Canada with very memorable experiences. Other jobs included Amway, Lifeline, Rexall and even a job selling long distance phone service for I-Link. From I-Link he opened up another Karate School with about one hundred students. Joel loved this job but unfortunately he taught half of the kids for free and this finally led him down the road to bankruptcy.

After that, he moved around the country doing odd jobs, including selling fishing tackle on the internet. His luck changed and he was getting a remarkable amount of traffic. Within a month he started selling things on e-bay and was fairly successful at that. The next push was discovering e-books, Ad-words, Ad-sense and Click-Bank. Joel found a niche and was making a fortune off ad traffic being pushed to ClickBank and selling e-books for a huge profit. Developing hundreds of mini-sites expanded his presence in the online marketing industry even more. With his AdWords he was able to make millions of dollars off his mini-sites. Basically, his next step was to market the “Mini Site Formula,” which, if learned and exercised correctly, does work. It takes many hours to develop the skills needed to make money online and many of his customers just weren't patient enough. If you sell this system to the right person and he follows the instructions and teaches himself how to be effective at Joel's techniques, there is no doubt in my mind this person will be successful. Patience is a virtue!

Because so many people have failed at his program, there are many that would call him a scammer. But like anything else in life, you must sow the seeds before you reap the benefits. If you use Joel's program and work hard at it, you will make money!

Source by Dayna Borsheim