As your music collection grows with such easy options as iTunes, MP3 dot com, and Amazon MP3 available to purchase music, we need equally easy ways to organize our collections. And with MP3 ID3 tags, sorting your collection has never been easier.

I'm sure your MP3 player shows some of your songs as “Track 1” by “Unknown Artist”. This is because the tag information for your music collection is missing or wrong. If cover flow in iTunes looks like a sea of gray squares you need to update your MP3's album art. And it can be almost impossible to find your favorite song when the album information is missing. Or even the style of music your want without the genre tag. That's a lot of information once you include the production year, track number, and lyrics. Finding and entering all that information would take hours to not only find. Let alone update for each MP3 ID3 tag individually.

Previously you would need to use software like iTunes or Tag and Rename to manually edit the title, album, band, genre, and a dozen other bits of information. But only after you had first scoured the internet for all the information and dug up good looking album art.

This is where automatic music organization can save you time. Programs like TidySongs or TuneUp will handle all this work for you. Both work with iTunes to correctly tag your entire music collection. And using them is as easy as installing and letting them run.

Both TidySongs and TuneUp will scan your iTunes collection and identify those songs with incorrect or missing MP3 ID3 tag information. TidySongs will track down misspellings in your song tags so you can easily search your collection. Adding album and track information from Tidysongs will also add quality album art. TidySongs will also save you disk space by finding duplicate songs in your collection.

TuneUp also digs through your collection to correct and update all your music's ID3 tag information. Identifying your music specifically by it's acoustic fingerprint, TuneUp will organize your music collection quickly and accurately. In addition TuneUp will integrate with iTunes to let you seamlessly manage not only your music collection, but concert dates and official band merchandise. TuneUp will alert you to upcoming concert dates based on your collection. So you never have to miss when your favorite band is in town again.

And with free trials for TidySongs and TuneUp at there's no reason not to see how easy organizing your music collection can be done.

Source by Julian Hooks