When looking for lawn sweepers, there is a few things, you want to keep in mind. How big is your lawn? Do you want a push lawn sweeper or do you have some type of motorized equipment to pull it with? If you have a large lawn or take care of turf grass professionally, you need to check out the Parker Tow-Behind Suburbanite 36′ sweeper.

This lawn sweeper is for the big boys. With its 36-inch wide sweeper and 17 cubic feet hopper, this sweeper will cover a lot of ground.

Here are some of the product specifications:

  • Path (in.) 36 sweeper width
  • Hopper, 17 cubic feet
  • 4 brushes
  • Adjustable Height
  • Wheels are Cast iron
  • Dimensions assembled, L x W x H (in.) 62 x 46 x 32
  • Made for Commercial use
  • Vinyl basket reinforced
  • Faceplate allows for variable adjustment to control debris defection
  • Frame is made out of tubular steel
  • polypropylene bottom (hard vacuum-formed)

This Parker Tow-Behind Sweeper is advertised as being recommended for professionals caring for sports turf. The price tag on this lawn sweeper, from what we found on the web, is anywhere from $899 to $930*. Although reviews on this product are hard to find, most seem to say it does the job.

What makes this lawn sweeper stand apart is its huge 17 cubic feet of hopper capacity. Also this sweeper features cast iron wheels and casters, which are built to last and stand up to day-to-day use. It's easy to see that this lawn sweeper is built for more commercial type use by the large 10.5 inch front wheels. One great feature that the Parker Tow-Behind boasts more than most other lawn sweepers, is the ability to be towed behind zero-turn mowers.


Source by Jay Giles