Security cameras for the home are the best way to increase the security of your house, family and property. These home security cameras offer many advantages and they are more and more preferred by clients. With their help you can use the Internet to remotely monitor your home if you are at work, visiting your friends or enjoying your vacation; they also enable the transfer of images to the police, to get help.

In order to be fully protected, you need indoor and outdoor surveillance. When placing outside cameras, you need to find the best locations, so as to obtain the widest view which will help your security camera system work perfectly. These cameras will enable you to catch a glance on the front door (and see who's ringing at your doorbell), on the backyard and swimming pool (to monitor your children), or on any part of your property that you consider vulnerable. As far as inside security cameras are concerned, it is advisable that you place one on each floor of your house. In this way, all the rooms and locations will be carefully surveyed. And it is also of great importance to place them in the “high traffic” areas of your house and in those rooms where you keep most of your valuable objects.

Home security camera choices

Nowadays high technology offers you the possibility to choose between hard-wired or wireless security cameras , black and white or color security cameras. Thus you will know which functions your security cameras have and you will be able to make your home surveillance system comply with all your safety needs.
The wireless security cameras are very popular because they

o don't attract attention to the wires,

o are cost effective,

o can be placed easily anywhere you want,

o are transportable (can be moved from one room to another or from your old house to your new one),

o are able to transmit signals through floors and walls and

o can rapidly transfer images to your PC, TV or VCR.

Miniature models of the wireless cameras have another great advantage: they can be hidden in various objects: a teddy bear, a vase, a book or even in a pinhole in the wall.
Hard-wired security cameras can be the ideal choice when you have in your house some locations which need to be constantly monitored. They can connect directly to all your devices to send you the information you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of home security cameras

Black and white security cameras are best for monitoring in lower light; but with the help of a color security camera you can better identify the persons (by the color of their clothes) and the activities they are performing. If you can get a high resolution picture with the face of the burglar who has just robbed your house, with the color of his clothes and you also have a recording with his activity inside your house, you can use it as evidence in court. So, you have many reasons to decide to purchase security cameras to protect your house and family.


Source by Michael Rad