The Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum combines bagless and cordless convenience together in one small and compact vacuum cleaner package. Ratings on this vacuum cleaner are consistently high, typically coming in with 4 stars out of 5 when the vacuum is used as it is intended. It's extremely efficient at picking up small areas of spills and dirt. It really isn't recommended for vacuuming large areas of carpet. The reason for this is that you may run out of battery power if attempting a large job.

The vacuum is powered by a 14.4 volt battery and comes with a dual functioning charging base that allows you to use it as a storage stand as well.

The brush roll is excellent at releasing dirt that is trapped in carpet fibers. When it's time to use on tile or hardwood floors, the revolving brush simply shuts off to keep from scratching floors. It's also an excellent choice for use under beds and tables due to its lightweight size and easy maneuverability.

Collected dirt is gathered in a special container that easily pops off and allows for quick emptying in garbage bins. In regards to price, cost of the vacuum comes in just under $100.

Overall, the Power Stick is a good upright vacuum to buy. Compared to larger vacuums, this will work well when used in small areas. If having a small vacuum readily available for quick pickups is what you're looking for then you can't go wrong with the Dirt Devil Stick Vac.

Source by Lillian James