If you are in the charge of giving the exciting presentation in the front of the good-sized crowd of the people, you certainly will not want the projector lamp in order to burn out the halfway by your show. A factory warranty on the Sony VPL-HS20 will be for 90 hours of the usage, therefore if you understand that you get close to the end, you can change a bulb before it will wear out and also save it. You should install a new one, and once it will wear out, you can use an old one as the backup lamp.

For the first step that you should do is that you need to make sure that you have the good replacement lamp. You need to look on an original lamp for a part number. Order an exact same lamp. If you will not find it, according to the Sony, you are able to replace it with the LMP-H180 lamp.

For the second step, turn off a projector for at least an hour in order to allow it to get cool to the room temperature. The lights will get hot, and will be dangerous for you to touch. Then, unplug it from a wall so that there will be no chance of it in being turned on accidentally.

For the next step, you need to flip over your projector and then lay it on a ground on the cloth or even large towel in order to protect it from being scratched. Then, release an adjuster by pressing a button.

It is important for you to remove a lamp cover; you can do this by unscrewing a Philips-head screw with the screwdriver. There may be the two screws that are holding a lamp in the place; you can remove these as well. After that, pull a lamp straight out without touching an adjuster. You will not want it to get shatter and also send the bits of a glass anywhere.

Insert a new replacement lamp in the similar way just like you took out an old one. You need to fold down a handle and then screw in two screws in order to hold it in the place; then you can screw in a cover firmly. Click an adjustment button and then turn the projector back over.

For the last step, plug your projector back in and then put it in the standby mode. You can use a remote control in order to hit the following four buttons: then “Reset,” the back arrow, the front arrow and “Reset.” after that' press the buttons quickly and in order. Now your projector is ready for you to use it.

Source by Zane L Marquez