The main reason why we Northern European Nordic/Germanic peoples have lost a high place in this politically correct world is because we have lost much of our spirituality. We not only have lost our connections to the Runes which are powerful keys to the Universal Creative energies, but we have also lost contact with the Nature Spirits who protect our folk.

We have become too civilized and taken the path of materialism and thus forsaking nature. We have become too Christian and allowed our Nature Spirits to be demoted.

But now thanks to the New Age of Aquarius and our new Paradigm of Quantum Physics we can reconnect with our runes and Gods/Goddesses and Nature Spirits. These laws have been successfully proven by the greatest minds of our day.

They tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, where everything that is, was or ever will be exists.

Our Northern European Nature Spirits exist. Let us start to evoke them out of the Quantum Ocean and into our homes and farms. They will protect us from all evil energies. Let us specifically call upon the Landvaettr to guard our homes.

Nature Spirits guard the island of Iceland. When Norse seafarers approached land, they removed the dragon heads from the bows of their long ships, so as not to frighten or provoke the Landvaettr from attacking or causing bad luck.

The Coat of Arms of Iceland has four shield bearers around the flag. The Bull (Gridunger) protects South Western Island, The Eagle or Griffin (Gammur) protects North Western Island, The Dragon (Dreki) protects North Each Iceland and the Rock Giant (Bergisi) South Eastern Island.

You might want to design a coat of arms, using Vaetter for you family and your home

Now, let's get busy and attract protecting Vaitter to your home. Here is a powerful Viking ritual that you can use today.

The best way to attract Vaetter to your homes is by leaving food out for them. Why do you think that cookies and milk are left for Santa?

But you have to follow a specific ritual. This ritual was given to me by Stephen Trueheart, a true viking warrior. Here's how it goes. Choose a time when you have a delicious meal planned. With your plate full of food open a napkin on your right hand. Eat a piece of meat and then with your fingers (no metal) tear a small piece off and place it on the open napkin. Then eat some potato and with your fingers take a piece and put it in the napkin. Go through this whole meal and after eating each of the courses use your fingers to place a small portion on the open napkin.

Do this even with your desert. When you have finished take the napkin out and leave it outside. Place it next to your front door. Leave it, but first say a small prayer inviting Landvaetter to come and protect your home.

The next morning take the napkin and place it in an inconspicuous place where the the elements or some small animal can get at it.

Never, Never Never throw the offering in the Garbage.

You can preform this Landvaetter ritual once a week for the rest of your life. How do you think those very spiritual farmers grew great produce? LAND SPIRITS.

Source by Ellis Peterson