The African Senegal Parrot has worked its way up on the list of top picks for pet birds. Here are 5 of its best personality traits that help make it a great choice for a pet Parrot.

Quieter Than Many Parrots-Sometimes the Senegal is listed as a quiet bird which is absolutely true, except when it's not. Even though they are not prone to making screaming and screeching sounds as frequently as some parrots, when they want to be heard they have no problem making it happen. In their defense, they are not usually noisy except when excited or wanting attention. And as always, a lot will depend on your individual bird.

Can Entertain Themselves-These are pretty independent birds that do well without another bird sharing the cage with them. With a variety of toys that are rotated in and out of the cage frequently, they are happy spending their days exploring, swinging, climbing and chewing their toys for stimulation. They still will need to spend several hours out of the cage each day for proper exercise. They will also need several hours of human interaction daily to remain tame and to continue to foster trust and affection between caregiver and bird.

Talkers-Many learn to speak well, while others tend to sound mechanical when speaking. There are still others who never learn to speak at all but enjoy whistling, and imitating household sounds such as doorbells, alarm clocks, or microwaves. There are a number of videos and books written about the best way to get your bird to talk, but ultimately they are no guarantee that the bird you've chosen will do so. The best way to insure that your bird will talk is to hear it talk before you buy it.

Highly Trainable-Senegals enjoy short, but regular training sessions for tricks with the outcome being great tricks and a stronger bond between you and your bird. Remember to go slowly, be consistent, and reward with a treat when they have done a good job for you. Never, ever, scold or punish your bird if it does not meet your expectations. This will only injure your relationship with your bird and lessen the chances of getting your Parrot to learn the trick.

Fun and Entertaining-With proper toys, perches, ropes, and a swing or two they are energetic birds that are highly entertaining. Watching them can be a lovely way to unwind any time you have a minute to watch the show.

Source by Debbie Davis