Are you considering selling spy cameras in your online home business, but unsure about which technology features to watch out for?

There are a lot of different hidden cameras on the market, and it can seem more than a little bewildering when it comes to deciding which ones are your best bet for resale.

A good rule of thumb is to begin by deciding which particular market you want to target. For instance, do you intend to mainly go after the private investigation trade, or are you more interested in selling hidden cameras for home security use, or maybe even to nature enthusiasts who want to covertly observe wildlife?

The intended application for a spy camera will largely determine which section of a target market of consumers you will focus on and which type of camera features to watch for.

Let's look at some of the technological features of various types of security cameras, along with which types of consumers would be likely potential customers for each feature:

Weatherproof Hidden Camera: This type will withstand exposure to the elements and is ideally suited for outdoor use. Who would be a likely buyer for a weatherproof spy camera? Birdwatchers or nature lovers who want to observe hatching eggs or animals at feeding time and things of that sort. This would also be a good choice for someone who wanted to monitor activity outside their home or business.

Security Camera Disguised as Something Else: A hidden camera disguised as a watch or ink pen would be a great choice for private investigators, or anyone who wanted surveillance of a meeting, for instance, without the other party being aware of it.

Night Vision: This would again be a perfect choice for an outdoor security camera when activity was under surveillance 24/7. If the camera didn't have night vision, it wouldn't be much use after dark.

Removable or Built-In Memory: As a rule of thumb, almost any intended use of a spy camera would be better off with removable memory for the simple reason that the SD memory card could be removed and replaced with a fresh card as soon as one was full. Removable memory would be a good choice for those who want to preserve the surveillance results.

Resolution of Sensor: If a very clear, crisp picture is desired, resolution of the sensor in the spy camera is of major importance. A camera with high resolution might be the way to go for private investigators who want a clear, easily recognizable and identifiable picture of someone they have under surveillance. Nature lovers might also want a high resolution to capture events with clarity.

Motion Sensor Recording: Motion sensor recording simply means that the spy camera will begin recording when motion within its perimeters sets it off. This type of camera might be desirable for home security purposes as it would only come on when there was motion to initiate it.

Focal Length: Simply put, focal length of a spy camera refers to its magnification and compression of a scene or subject. Spy cameras with a longer focal length will have greater magnification of a scene but a more narrow angle. This type of camera, with a longer focal length, would be ideal for someone who was watching a nest of owl eggs hatch or something along that line. This would magnify but would only require a narrow angle of the nest itself. Those who need a wider angle surveillance might not be good candidates for longer focal length spy cameras.

You can sell all types of spy cameras in your online home business, or drill down within the niche to develop a profitable sub-niche such as one particular type of camera with specific technology. Whichever route you decide to take, you are sure to find a fantastic selection of high quality, technologically advanced spy cameras at low wholesale prices available from Chinavasion.

Source by Rose Li