Are you considering buying or selling a spy camera for nannies and wondering if the use of such a device would be unethical?

If you are thinking of nanny cams as a great and very profitable niche for your online home business, you've got the right idea as these products are very hot and popular best sellers. If you do decide to market to this niche, you might appreciate some of the following information to pass on to your potential customers in your product descriptions and/or landing and web pages. It should resolve your doubts about the ethics of using a spy camera for nannies.

Advantages of Using a Nanny Hidden Camera

What are the advantages of using a nanny cam for surveillance of your child or children's nanny or caregiver? Well, that question has a very obvious as well as important answer: the safety of your offspring.

Many abusive or neglectful nannies have been caught on surveillance tapes thanks to nanny spy cameras. As parents can't be home to observe the nanny interacting with the child themselves, there could certainly be abuse aplenty if unmonitored in any way. In fact, there has been a lot of child abuse and neglect that went unproven due to no spy camera in place.

With a nanny hidden camera, it is possible to monitor and observe the caregiver without the person's knowledge. Some caregivers find this offensive or intrusive, but the general consensus by most parents is that if a person has nothing to hide, the spy camera shouldn't matter.

Bear in mind that if a spy camera was placed in a bathroom where a nanny should reasonably expect privacy, this would be unethical.

Using a nanny hidden camera could literally save a child's life!

The Disadvantages of a Nanny Hidden Camera

There is a certain school of thought that adheres to the belief that using a nanny spy camera breaks down the trust that should exist between caregiver and parent/s. Phooey!

The whole idea of a having a spy camera in place to observe a nanny is for the welfare of the child. In other words, it isn't about the caregiver—it's about your child's safety and wellbeing. If this indicates a certain lack of trust, so be it. Better to offend a nanny than endanger a child's life and safety.

Are Spy Cameras Used to Watch Nannies Illegal?


In America, using a hidden camera in your own home to watch a nanny or anybody else is perfectly legal, as long as there is no audio. When you stop and think about it, having a nanny cam with audio is basically unnecessary, anyway. You can watch and see what needs to be seen without sound. If you are wondering if workplace laws about hidden cameras apply to someone working in your home, not to worry. They don't. Workplace laws are totally separate from having a spy camera in your own home, regardless of whether or not it is being used to monitor the activities of a domestic employee.

Using a hidden camera for the purpose of watching a nanny or selling hidden cameras to customers so that they may watch a nanny in their home is neither unethical nor illegal and as a matter of fact—is a good idea!

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Source by Rose Li