This pairing could be a match made in heaven as Taurus and Cancer share similar aims in life. These signs share a lot of common interests, making this a potentially a good long term pairing. Taurus is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and Cancer is ruled by the moon, this means they both have an extensive romantic side and have a great depth of feeling for each other making them a very emotional pair.

Taurus is an earth sign and Cancer a water sign. You will see these come together in many places throughout nature, where the sky meets the ground. They both have a need for security and love the sanctuary of their home. There is the possibility of domestic bliss here as they share similar needs, with an equal longing for material belongings and a need to make there house a home. They both enjoy good food and enjoy having the company of friends and family around them.

Cancer will show great interest in Taurus's day to day life and surround them with great care and fondness. This will make Taurus feel secure and this is something that they feel they have always been searching for. They both enjoy the simple things in life and are not so keen on the hectic, stressful rat race. Instead they love feathering their nest and are a family orientated couple. They have a real desire to share affection making this a very loving couple.

Taurus has a tendency to be thoughtless though and say things without contemplating how it may be perceived by others. They may have to watch this with Cancer as they are prone to sensitivity and it many cause them to go into their shell. If this is the case it may take a while to coax them back out.

Taurus must learn to be more tactful around Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon which means that they are prone to changing moods and experience emotional highs and also lows. Taurus will have to tread carefully at times as Cancer is known to be emotional and volatile. Hopefully Taurus's earthy nature will keep them more grounded and feeling secure. Taurus falls into Cancers friendship and fulfillment zone meaning they have the capacity to complete Cancer, meeting all of their needs. Altogether they make for a very harmonious couple.


Source by Angela Varden