The need to create more green energy is growing in importance as fossil fuels are used up. Lots of investment is going into green energy generation, including solar panel development, with the aim of making them more efficient. You'll save money by using solar panels to generate green energy by keeping your fuel bills down. Of course, the energy that is generated from solar panels in your own home is energy that doesn't have to be generated by other means, which helps reduce our national energy usage. A small 1. 5 degree reduction in your thermostat temperature can yield savings of up to 10%. That same 1.5 degree reduction can reduce the greenhouse gasses in your household by up to a tonne.

Are you concerned about the energy consumption in your home? Keep an eye on it with the Oregon Scientific RMR500ES +ECO. In no time at all you will be able to see the temperature and humidity in up to four rooms in your house. You can save energy and money with the fantastic new Oregon Scientific RMR500ES Solar Charging Clima Control. You can easily see the temperature and humidity readouts on the main unit, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary. The unit is powered by solar energy and is probably the most effective way to keep home energy consumption in control. There's a wealth of data at your fingertips with the crystal-clear LCD display, allowing you to make an informed decision. You can even place the sensors outdoors, allowing them to transmit weather data back to the central unit. This unit is incredibly easy to set up. With no fiddly wires, the Oregon Scientific RMR500ES transmits its data through wireless signals. The Solar Charging Clima Control unit is an innovative product from Oregon Scientific, a market leader in unique scientific products. The company was formed in 1989 in the United States and is well-known for its Home Weather Stations and Smart Clocks amongst other innovative products.

Make sure you check the company's website regularly as new offers and money-saving deals are often added. As well as the usual discounts on products, there are discounts for checking out online. The company offers free postage and packaging on many items so be sure to check the website. You're sure to be delighted with the RMR500ES – the perfect tool for lowering your bills. This product will probably pay for itself within months from the energy saving you'll get from using it.

Source by Andrew Jamaz