There are a number of things to think about when you are cooking in this current recession. Purchasing expensive convenience foods like canned goods, and frozen dinners, or just eating out to often isn't really the best way to go if you want to save some money. The smartest, and healthiest thing you can do for your family is learning how to cook more foods from scratch. Don't worry, it's a lot easier than you may be thinking. You will soon see how much money can be saved when using inexpensive healthy, raw ingredients. Below are some general points to consider before starting.

Eating right: Following a well-balanced, wholesome diet containing plenty of whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat pasta, dried beans, fresh fruit and veggies, you can allow yourself the occasional indulgence.

Eating well: Learning to take everyday foods and put your own touches on them, or perhaps a new twist, to create mouth-watering new dishes. Variety is the spice of life.

Saving money at the supermarket: In times like these, this is more important than ever. Clipping coupons and comparison shopping, watching out for sales, buy in bulk, choose the generic brands for staples. Asking your market's staff for assistance – they are almost always willing to share their knowledge and advice with you.

Saving money by minimizing waste: By thoughtful preparation and storage, you can avoid mistakes which lead to “throwing money down the garbage-chute.” something as simple as utilizing leftovers will make a huge difference to your wallet.

Getting the most out of your ingredients: You can take the humblest, toughest cut of meat and, by using the right cooking method, make it melt in your mouth. Also, choosing more non-processed ingredients rather than always reaching for the “convenience foods.”

Setting up your kitchen: In the restaurant biz this is called the “work space” and it's just that. Having the right tools, utensils, pots and pans; making sure your kitchen is comfortable, safe, and a pleasant place to create your next masterpiece.

Starting with these basic points you are well on your way to enjoying healthier, less costly meals that you and your family will love. And by cooking with more raw ingredients you can be sure of what your family is eating. I'm sure all of us would be happier with fewer preservatives and additives in our daily diet.

Source by Josh Paul