The laundry was beaten by washing machines before 1797. In that year, somebody invented the washing board, which made the processes of cleaning one's laundry astronomically easier. As the technology develops, we live a more and more convenient way of life. Now, as we step into the 21st century, we cannot imagine scrubbing our closes by a washing board; say nothing of stumbling down the clothes to the river's edge and beating our clothes against a rock.

From stereo system in the house to automatically irrigation system in your garden, there are lots of advantages which brought by intelligent homes can make your life easier, or make it completely cool. If you got the time and imagination, there isn't anything that cannot be automated in your home.

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on your home automation system. There are a number of very useful, utilitarian, and downright cool projects that you can implement without spending stacks of cash.

It seems to be unrealistic to make yourself an intelligent house. However, it's not crazy for you to cut the walls and pull cables all over the house. You should do some homework about home improvement and make out a plan for your decorations. There are some websites you could learn some tips from. And you could exchange the home improvement experience with your colleagues or workmates.

There is an easier option too. You could hire somebody for the improvement project. The professionals will make your house the way you want. Here are some advices on your way to the intelligent house.

If you are interested in dimming the lights in your dining-room, or you want to do something more complicated, the intelligent house will fulfill your desires and bring some surprises you never thought before. Whatever you want, the intelligent house will handle it for you! That's why people want to have a intelligent house.

For example, there may be some potential dangers threatening the house while everyone is away for work. If thugs try to break into the home, the security system would scare them off. And the police in the neighborhoods will arrive the site at the first time they hear the alarm.

Source by Smith Herryson