Since, for most, the financial asset value, of one's house, often, represents, their single – biggest, holding, wouldn't it make sense, for a qualified, potential, motivated, home – buyer, to proceed, with a high degree of COMMON sense, and overall, awareness, and knowledge, etc? Unfortunately, as with, many other, things, we do, common sense, is, often, the rarest of human processes, and/ or, strengths! Only, when, one is ready, willing, and able to make the finest, best decisions, will the potential, to fully enjoy, a house, becomes, possible! With, that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why that matters.

1. Consider; costs; creative; coordinate: One must, thoroughly, consider, and examine, what you want, seek, and meets your needs, and you can afford, comfortably! Smart buyers examine and understand all the costs, involved, so there are fewer, future surprises! When looking at a possible, house, to purchase, one should be creative, instead of being swayed, by things, like staging, etc! Coordinate, as many aspects, as needed, and necessary, so you are, as well – prepared, as possible!

2. Options; opportunities; open – mind: What home options do you need, as opposed to, being, part of a wish – list? How one compares, various possibilities, helps to optimize opportunities, etc! Attempt to, proceed, consistently, with a truly, open – mind!

3. Mature (decisions); manage/ management: Instead of making an impulsive decision, learn, as much as possible, and ensure, you proceed, with a mindset, which is ready to make mature decisions, based on analyzing advantages, disadvantages, and related factors! How one manages this process, and perfects the management of handling the details, etc, often, determines, future success, etc!

4. Maintenance; money: Be prepared, in terms of money/ monies, needed, for as many, foreseeable aspects of buying, and owning a house, as possible! This means to discover all the costs of buying, including down – payments, insurance requirements, Closing Costs, etc, to ease the process! In addition, ensure you are comfortable, with the monthly costs, of owning a home of your own!

5. Offers; ordinary; other: Depending on the type of current market conditions (for example, we are currently experiencing a dramatic, Sellers Market), should guide you, towards making a meaningful, but, affordable offer! Don't get carried away, by the process, and risk, making an offer, which might be, out of your personal comfort zone! Address and consider, ordinary conditions, and situations, as well as others, which might be, more personal, etc!

6. Needs; neighborhood: Fully consider, your needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions, and seek to do, what's best, for you! Never overlook the neighborhood, and, whether, it's a place, you want to live, and reside!

Are you prepared to proceed, consistently, with the level of COMMON sense, which might make your home buying, process, the best it can be? Be prepared, and proceed, wisely!


Source by Richard Brody