One thing that all computer users dread is the day they have to take their machine to the computer repair shop. You never know when you take the machine in if you will get it back, or if the repair technician will tell you they were unable to save your device. If you do get your baby back you will likely have to pay a pretty penny to do so. Computer repair causes dread in the hearts of all computer owners.

The great thing is that there are things you can do to prevent having to take your machine to a technician. By using your antivirus software correctly you can stop the need for repair services. You can also save yourself the worry, and the possibility of identity theft.

Your antivirus software cannot do the job it was designed to do if you prohibit it. This means that when you set the firewall settings so low that anything than come through, then anything can, and will, come through. The firewall is there to protect you and help you avoid costly trips to the repair shop.

Your antivirus was the latest version on the day you installed it. If you have not been allowing it to update automatically then you have been leaving yourself open to threats. The malware, spyware, and virus, inventors are working day and night to create versions that will get past the antivirus. Your antivirus has to be updated to the latest version so that it can recognize the latest malicious Trojans.

You need to do complete scans of your computer with your antivirus software on a regular basis. The software cannot catch the criminal invading your computer unless you allow it to scan every inch of your computer and data. If you can establish an automated complete system scan then it is recommended that you do. If not then start a complete scan manually about once every seven days.

Installing the right tools will prevent you from having costly repairs in the future. You have to know how to use the features of the antivirus you install so that you protect your machine as thoroughly as possible. One thing that has proved beneficial to many people is for them to try a free version of the antivirus program they are considering. During the free trial period they can learn to use all of the features, or discover if the program is too complicated and choose another one.

Source by Ador Talukdar