If you do not have an antivirus software solution installed on your machine, chances are that you are already infected with some form of malware. In this day and age, it is an absolute necessity to have some form of protection especially if you are going online. So now that I have alerted you to that need, how should you go about looking for the right solution? Antivirus software review forums and websites are all over the net. Finding information is not rocket science anymore. However, finding the right information is closer to operating one. In order to make an informed decision, you need to have a certain criteria that you are going to use to determine what you really need.

The first criterion is the scope of protection. While most antivirus software review websites will use words like 360 degrees protection, 100% security and other fancy wording, it is a fact that some solutions are more thorough than others. An antivirus protection that claims such multi-layered protection should be able to offer protection from traditional threats such as worms, spyware and Trojans and at the same time protect against keyloggers, phishing scams and email threats and rootkits. This is all-round protection that every antivirus on the market today should have.

The other criterion in any antivirus software review is its effectiveness and features. What good is an antivirus solution when it can do what it is supposed to do well? While a sleek interface and bells and whistles are certainly appealing to any user, they do not make up for poor performance. One way to find out how effective a solution has been is to read blogs and posts from people who have used it. Take note of negative reviews and compare them against other antivirus solutions. These will give you a pretty good idea of what you should be looking at.

The other criterion is ease of use as well as support options. Effectiveness and usability are really what make or break an antivirus solution. If you can figure out how to use an antivirus solution, you won. While looking at an antivirus software review, take note of how complex it is. Users should not be expected to be experts?in order to use a solution. In fact, the best antivirus solution is one that does not require constant maintenance and is flexible enough to do exactly what the owner wants done, even running by itself. It should come with support from the manufacturer. I believe these features are not too much to ask from an antivirus solution, are they?

Source by Keithas Amuels