Have you jumped on the bandwagon of people wanting to produce videos for the internet? Here is a list of video editing software currently on the market, ranked according to their ease of use, effectiveness, and the accessibility of help or support.

PowerDirector by Cyberlink was our number one pick. It was the only program to receive 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use, effectiveness, and help/support. This program is great for beginning to intermediate users. It produces video faster than any of the other programs reviewed and has many outstanding features. This program is hard to beat.

VideoStudio Pro X3 by Corel was our number two pick due to its level of help/support. A big drawback of this program is the huge learning curve that must be overcome to fully utilize all the program's features. Yet, we found that VideoStudio Pro is still the most flexible video editing software out there. Additionally, important tools are easily accessible and very easy to use. We also looked at Corel's DVD Movie Factory. This software has few audio and photo editing features, making it a better software for capturing video that editing it.

Premier Elements by Adobe is great for beginners as well as advanced users. The software allows even beginners to produce and share movies online like an expert.

Movie Edit Pro Plus HD by Magix provides users with 3D and HD video editing capabilities. This program can handle even the most creative user. The biggest drawback to this software is the amount of computer power required to run this program.

VideoPad by NCH Software made our list because of ease of use. This is a great program for beginners. The software's low price of $59.95 makes up for some of the features it lacks such as 3D editing.

Studio HD by Pinnacle provides enormous flexibility which is only limited by the user's imagination. It provides the opportunity to work with HDTV video formats and has extensive customization abilities. Due to the software's complexity, there is a huge learning curve.

Creator by Roxio supports more video outputs than any other program. Additionally, the drag and drop capabilities for video, audio, and effects, makes it easy to use for even the most novice user.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum by Sony, however, is not easy to use and the lack of help/support is frustrating. The large variety of video editing features makes it difficult to learn, however, mastering the program is worth the benefits it reaps.

ShowBiz DVD by ArcSoft is also easy to use, making it a great program for all users. The program supports limited publishing formats, but has more special features and templates than most other programs.


Source by Judith Ceja