Clipping path is an important image editing technique. As a matter of fact, all photo editors use the Pen tool in order to apply this technique. In this article, we are going to find out more about this image editing technique. Read on to find out more.

What Is this technique?

Basically, in Photoshop, this technique helps create a close vector path using the Pen tool. The good thing is that this is a simple but non-destructive technique to remove the background. Apart from this, this technique is commonly used for the removal of background and the addition of a white background in place. Given below are some of the common types of clipping path.

1. Single Layer

Single-layer path is a technique that allows you to draw a simple path around the solid edge of an image. In most cases, the same layer is used to draw the path. As far as changing or removing the background is concerned, this technique is an ideal choice.

2. Multi-layer

Multilayer paths allow you to create clipping paths on multiple layers. This technique is commonly used by retouchers. In most cases, it is used in order to modify or fix a certain part of an image.

3. Illustrator

This technique allows you to create one or multiple vector shapes based on the subjective section of the image. Basically, the subjective part is the non-destructive path. You can resize the images without having a negative impact on the resolution.

Importance of this method

Basically, this technique helps separate the background from a subjective image. In addition, it allows you to select your desired selection of the image using the Pen tool. Besides, you can use this technique if you need a transparent image for your eCommerce store. It will be easier for you to remove the unnecessary section of the image. As a result, the image will look attractive and realistic at the same.

Common uses

Given below is the description of some common uses of clipping paths in the world of photo editing.

Background removal

First of all, the most common use of this skill is to remove the background of images. In case of complex images, the application of hand-drawn paths is the only way to produce the desired results. Using the pen tool, looking for the heart of images is a lot easier.

Color Correction and retouching

The clipping path is also used for color correction and photo retouching. As a matter of fact, multiple paths are required for the perfect selection.

Images Manipulating

As far as image manipulation is concerned, photo clipping has a lot of importance. Therefore, if you want to change correct and modify a particular part of an image, you need to use the clipping path technique.


In short, this was an introduction to clipping bath and the technique is used by photo editors. Hopefully, you will like this article.

Source by Abdul Waheed Zafar