I've worked with computers for over 30 years and see how software companies want you to spend money. Our discussion centers on how people have been taught to buy protective software before they try it. My concern is that large computer virus software companies have people buy their software to quickly!

When you buy a new computer you're exposed to a trial copy of a brand name virus software package and then they hit you with the purchase price in 30 days.

Of course most people buy that software and then are bombarded with requests to buy their spyware, disk defragment software, system optimization software, security software, registry software, privacy software, malware, disk optimization software etc…

Now most of these large virus software packages are very heavy on size and slow down your computer to a crawl. If you set up all the switches to check everything your system will slow down for sure. However you can run software that would not slow your system down and it is highly recommended by independent reviewers who check it out for you for free!

Remember! PREVENT your computer from being exposed and maintenance is a very important part of the process. 

The Backup process on any Computer system is:

  • Back upyour work files onto a USB drive on a regular basis.
  • A USB Drive starts from $10.00 – $299.00 depending on the size.
  • If you download movies & TV shows you will need a 1 – 2 TB external drive. If word docs, email, and bookmarks are backed upped use a 4GB – 360GB external drive.
  • Create a restore point on your system once a month depending on how much you use it.
  • Make sure your Microsoft Update Automatically Updates at a time when your system is on. (Not 3:00am when the system is off)
  • Backup Emails & Email Contacts onto a USB Drive.
  • Backup Bookmarks to a USB Drive.
  • Most laptops have built in software that can be reinstalled automatically if your hard drive has to be reformatted. Actually it is a good idea to reformat your drive every 2-3 years if you have this feature and backup your data on a USB drive.
  • Make sure your Microsoft Firewall is ON
  • Do not leave your monitor on when the system is not being used.
  • If you have a router make sure it is locked with a security code or people will steal your signal.
  • Set your browser to remove cookies and your internet trail when you turn it off.
  • Backup your Registry.
  • Use an Anti Virus program
  • Use a Defragmentation program
  • Use an Anti-Malware program
  • Use an Anti-Spyware program
  • Use a Keyscrambler program
  • Use What's running program.
  • Use an Overall Cleaning program.
  • Use a Web Cleaning program.
  • If you down load movies or music use a Peer Blocker program.
  • Use a Reliable and Fast browser.

This sounds like a lot to do and it sounds expensive.

Actually all of the above software can be found for FREE!

You can try it for free and upgrade later if you like what you see! Each software is independent of the other. You can load each program separately without using all your computer resources which slows down your computer.


Source by Paul R Mitchell