Online and Offline backups are two ways in which you can store your important personal data safely into some storage location other than your computer's hard drive itself. This gives you the benefit of retaining your valuable information in case of data loss or theft. There are many tools available for both kinds of backups. Few of them are mentioned below.

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Offline Backup Tools


It is a rich tool to synchronize your files in different drives, over local network and other mediums like CDs and removable drives. The basic version is free and works sufficiently in syncing and transferring simple files. SyncBackSE, a mid-level edition costs $30 and adds additional benefit to backup locked files. The professional edition, SyncBackPro, costs $50 and adds some extras like encrypted backup and loads of other customization.

Acronis True Image Home

This software has an array of tools to backup the data. You can perform different types of backups like complete, incremental and differential. It allows you to set schedule for few automatic backups; and choose to restore particular folders, files or the entire disk.

Windows Home Server or WHS

WHS is an Operating System, designed to be consumer-friendly. It is easy to setup and use. You can leverage a compact home server, which has WHS installed or you can establish your own server instead and buy WHS. WHS backs up data on a daily basis. It can restore data from a single file to the entire system. Since WHS is an OS, you require a distinct machine to install it.

Online Backup Tools


Mozy is an automated backup solution. It backs up any file you want is whatever frequency you want. In addition, they can backup files in open mode. That means, you can back up a file while you are still creating it. The benefit is that it will only backup the changes implemented in the original file without going all over it again. You can restore your data by downloading them and can order backup on physical media for some fee.


When you install Dropbox, a folder with the name “My Dropbox” will be created in the Document area of the computer. Anything placed in this folder will be synchronized with your account. You can share, sync or restore previous versions of the files. Dropbox in addition keeps a log of the changes for last 30 days. All the files are accessible through itswebsite.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk has a different approach to backup files on different levels. Instead of charging a flat fees for data storage, it has a per GB fee system. It takes $2 per month for the account plus addition fee for per GB of data used. The current fee structure (per GB) of Jungle Disk is $0.15 for storing, $0.10 for uploading and $0.17 for downloading.

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Source by Herry Willson