ForexKiller is one of the most popular Forex advisory programs in the world today. It's safe to say that it's being used by thousands of people worldwide, many of whom are making a nice amount of extra money with it. Yet, it is possible to miss the full potential of this software by not knowing how to work with it. This article will share some Forex Killer tips which, I hope, will help you to make more money with this system.

Tips to make the most money with Forex Killer

1. Trade money that you have in your possession – A lot of traders make the mistake of thinking they're invincible when they work with a software of Forex Killer's caliber. Don't make that mistake. ForexKiller may have a high success ratio but it isn't perfect. Always trade money you can afford to lose.

2. Obey the Software – Forex Killer is an advisory program. This means that it supplies you with Stop Loss and Take Profit prices for a forex pair of your choosing. Some people don't stick by those prices but try to push the envelope a bit. This is a mistake. If you got the software, you need to use it accurately and follow what it says.

3. Give it time – Rome wasn't build in a day, and you will not become an expert in how Forex Killer works in that time either. You need to give yourself some time until you become adept at how this software works. Give it two weeks and practice with a demo account from your broker. Only then start trading with real money.

Use these tips and you have a much greater chance to make more money with Forex Killer.

Source by John J. Drummond