I found Andreas Kirchberger's website something about one month ago. I was searching the Web trying

to find some software that would help me succeed in Forex.

I have been trading currencies for nearly two years and I feel like I have been losing my hard earned money on a regular basis.

After I read Forex Killer sales copy I decided to find some reviews on it. I found many of them

to be honest and 90% of them were positive ones.

It took me three days to make up my mind and I finally decided to purchase the software.

After downloading it I read the manual and started testing it on my demo account.

I made couple of trades and I decided to wait for the following morning to see my results.

I wasn't pleased in the morning because it turned out that I was unsuccessful

because I was 12 pips down.

I didn't want to lose any time so I used my demo account again and I made some new transactions.

But the results where similar as during first night. They were slightly worse to be honest.

I knew I was doing something wrong so I decided to put the software aside, read manual again and

find some Forex Killer reviews and tips on the Web.

I spent two days surfing the Net but I finally found answers.

I wanted to test Forex Killer again on my demo account just to make sure that I was doing

everything the right way.

I “invested” $1000 in USD/GBP pair and I was going to watch that transaction closely.

Within three days I made an awesome profit and I knew that I figured out this software.

So it took me one week of struggling, reading every info about Andreas Kirchberger's software I could find to succeed.

But now I am a happy man. I have made over 500 pips within last two weeks and it is getting better everyday.

I will not hesitate to say that Forex Killer is not scam and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to make money on Forex.

Source by Sam Graham