The first time you bring up the website for the Forex Killer software system, you might feel like you are being hyped like so many other sites on the market. We were a little turned of by the hype, but since the software product came with a money-back guarantee – we decided to put it to the test.

It is really an easy product to understand. Just bring up the software and enter the last ten closing periods for any currency pair / time frame and then hit the calculate button. At that point the software stays neutral or will say go short or long. After the next closing period you enter the next value and hit calculate again. It will either give a long, short or neutral signal – then you either close out your position or stick with your trade. What I found annoying about the product, is that if I wanted to analyze additional currency pairs, I had to use the same software and delete all the values from the previous calculation. What would be helpful is a feature that allows you to make duplicate software applications.

I found the software easy to go back in time with and do some back testing. Based on my results with back testing, I found this software to under perform. No bashing the product and labeling it a scam, since it does come with a money-back guarantee. Now, the software has been upgraded since I purchased it, so you might find some improvements and better results than I had.

I also polled some user groups and found mixed feelings about the product. One such user group that has users voicing their opinions is ForexPeaceArmy.com. I found mixed reviews on that site regarding this product.

I did however, find one great software product at the Peace Army site, and have been having great results with that. It is called Stealth Forex and is mentioned on my review site.

Please, as with any forex product you test drive, don't forget to demo test for at least 3 months before risking real money. This has kept me in the green since trading forex.


Source by Tom Jacobson