The hlvdd.dll file is used with the “hardlock” software / hardware package from Aladdin Software. The file is specifically used in the “Hardlock Driver” – a software program used to control the various pieces of hardware which hardlock uses to run. Although this file is highly important, it's a big cause of errors on your PC as it's continually being saved incorrectly – leading your computer to run unreliably and with errors. If you have any errors relating to hlvdd.dll on your PC, you need to repair them as quickly as possible – which can be done with the tutorial on this page.

The errors which hlbdd.dll causes include the likes of “hlvdd.dll not found” and “hlvdd.dll is missing” – both leading your computer to run much slower and unreliably. The good that even though these errors may look sinister, they are actually very easy to fix – by using the tools and methods which will repair the problems that are causing them. There are two possible causes of the errors you're seeing, including the likes of your software being unusable, as well as Windows not having the correct settings to handle the file.

The first step to fix the error you're seeing is to reinstall the Hardlock software on your computer. The problem that many Windows computers face is that the various pieces of software that your system tries to use will either be unable to read the files it requires to run or has some damaged settings preventing it from loading up correctly. To ensure that there no problems with the various software programs which use hlvdd.dll, you should first reinstall the hardlock driver (which can be done by clicking Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs) and then removing any listing relating to hardlock software. On top of that, it's also recommended you replace the hlvdd.dll file on your PC with one from the Internet, which should ensure that it's working correctly and reliably.

The second step to fix the error you're seieng is to use a “registry cleaner” program to fix the various problems which Windows might have on your PC. Registry cleaners are popular programs which will scan through your computer and repair a large number of errors inside the “registry database” – a central storage facility for all the files, settings and options which Windows needs to run. The registry keeps a large list of DLL files for your PC to use – basically allowing Windows to run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this list often becomes damaged, preventing certain DLL files from being opened. To fix this, it's advisable you use a registry cleaner program to fix the various errors your PC might have.

Source by Greg Kahn