PC Secret Formula has made it possible to maximize our computer's performance and better secured. We do not have to be a computer or technical wizard to install this to our computer. All it takes is simple and easy steps to see for our self how it makes our PC experience a lot better.

The Formula revives our PC as if it is brand new. It could not be helped that computers tend to slow down after having been used for quite some time. There is no need to fear that installing the application might damage our files or our operating system.

The package comes with the following:

1. A 5-step guide to a Blazing PC. The author of the secret formula will divulge the most vital tips on how to keep our PC performance at its peak. Screenshots and clear instructions are provided for everyone. We could easily follow them step by step.

2. Instructions on the three most important things we need to know to keep our PC secure. Some of them are so obvious nobody pays much attention to them at all.

3. System Tweaks. A few tweaks here and there are actually the key to speeding up our PC.

4. Windows Services Guide. This part will teach us how to get rid of programs that takes up space in our drives and slows down our computer. Follow the instructions and keep our PC clutter-free.

5. Windows Cache and Disk Defrag. Gives tips on where to download other useful software to protect our PC. The software is free and proved helpful to every PC owner.

6. Speed up Windows Boot Time. The author shares comprehensive steps on how we could let our PC improve its booting time.

Source by Kris Mainieri