AutoCAD is one of the world's leading 2D and 3D CAD tools.

People will find that both installing Auto CAD 18.0.55.o and uninstalling it costs you a lot of time.

Here,f irst of all, let's try the Control Panel to uninstall AutoCAD in Windows XP by following the steps here.

Step 1: Click Start menu on the left bottom of your desktop>click Control Panel>click Add or Remove Programs in the appeared window>in the Change or Remove Programs lab, click AutoCAD in the “Currently installed programs list”>click Change/Remove button to begin

Step 2: Click “Uninstall” when there is a pop-up window appear

Step 3: Click “Next” when the confirm window appear

Step 4: Please wait while the uninstalling is in progress

Step 5: After the AutoCAD has been uninstalled, click “Finish” to exit

Step 6: Navigate to C disk, find the folder named Autodesk which is located after you installed AutoCAD on your computer; please right-click this folder and select “Delete” to remove it

Step 7: Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesAutodesk Shared, please right-click the folder named

Autodesk Shared and select “Delete” to remove it

To completely remove those two folders from your computer, please go back to your desktop and right-click Recycle Bin and choose Empty Recycle Bin.After this process, all associated files and components should be completely removed from your computer.

Second of all, if AutoCAD is corrupted you may get a error saying “The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it”. You cannot uninstall nor do a fresh install as it says it is installed. You can get a solution from Tee Support.The Tee Support Agent supply a effective removal software named QuuSoft Uninstaller.
The solution is:

Step 1: Restart your PC and enter the safe mode
Step 2: Use QuuSoft Uninstaller's Force Uninstall function to remove AutoCAD
Step 3: A reboot maybe required to completely remove all associated components of AutoCAD.

After come back from reboot, you will find AutoCAD has been successfully removed from your PC.

Source by Jessie Taylor