If detected you must immediately try to remove Antivirus Soft from your system. It is not easy to detect infections mainly because the antivirus soft disguises itself as an antivirus software and leaves no stone unturned to make your believe that for the benefit of your system you must download this program. This cunning software annoys you with warnings that direct you to the subscription page saying that virus attacks will ruin your system. As you can guess this is all fake. All your important applications are taken over by the software and thus it becomes impossible to use your PC.

Even the Internet Explorer is under its mercy. You will not be able to browse sites, access emails and sometimes your desperation grows even more as the software blocks your contact with office. In the meantime the software pleads you repeatedly to pay for an upgraded version of the fake product trying to cash in on your miseries. Now to fix the problem you will not have to wait for an expert to come. You can remove Antivirus Soft if you have powerful antivirus software.

We must do all that can be done to give security to the systems which hold invaluable data for us. Often users underestimate the gravity of threat and they buy less effective software just because they had to pay a few dollars less for the product. They overlooked the aspect that the software had rudimentary features which are simply not effective to block powerful breaches into the system. The result of the ignorance often leads to corrupt applications and the computer crashes. So always try to procure high end anti virus systems that will update their databases automatically once you come online. Users often scan their machines only when the warning has flashed. You must scan your computer periodically to prevent malicious software that sneaks into the system. If detected at an earlier stage you will not have to make extra effort to remove Antivirus Soft.

Here are some tips as to how you can protect your data. To protect data you must operate the computer from safe mode. To do so, first log out of the system and start reboot. Once the processes commence the F8 key must be pressed constantly till a screen with instructions appear. Then select safe mode and login with user id and password. This will open for you the system in safe mode. For data protection this procedure to remove Antivirus Soft must be followed.

Source by Bryan Adam Miller