Security Suite is a fake antivirus program that's currently one of the most infectious & common throughout the Internet. Even though this program has been designed to look like a legitimate tool, the fact is that it's nothing more than a rogue infection – designed to steal your personal details (from unsecured Internet access) and your money (from selling you fake upgrades to the software). If you want to get rid of this virus, you need to be able to get rid of all its infectious components in the most effective way possible. Most people struggle to remove the virus because of the way it will embed itself into your system – this tutorial is going to show you the best way to remove it.

This is part of a family of infectious viruses called “Malware” infections. This stands for Malicious Software, and basically installs a fake program onto your PC in an attempt to try and trick you into thinking it's a legitimate tool. Although this virus may look official, it's actually a fake, which has been designed to try and steal your personal details and make your computer run extremely slow, so that you'll be tempted to buy the false upgrade of the program. You should not trust or buy this software, as it will do absolutely nothing to help your PC. In fact, this virus is actually the main cause of most of the problems you're likely seeing on your system now – as it will block various Windows features, as well as prevent you from being able to browse the Internet.

Removal of the Security Suite virus is actually quite tricky for most people, because of the way it has a series of hidden files & programs which it will plant on your PC. A lot of technically minded people will attempt to just delete the files this program has, not knowing that this will actually be fruitless, as the virus will basically just re-install itself with the false programs it will keep hidden away on your system. If you want to get rid of this virus, you need to be able to get rid of all its infected files in one attempt – which is best done by using an automated removal tool.

This virus will install itself into these folders of your system:

  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\
  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\shdw.exe

To get rid of the virus, you should use a “malware removal tool” in order to quickly get rid of the various infections your computer has. Malware removal programs are effective tools that will basically fix all the damaged & corrupted files that Windows will keep inside, and are used widely to combat the “Fake Antivirus” programs that are infecting Windows computers so often now. You can get rid of this virus by using the program “XoftSpy” – a popular malware removal program which has been designed to get rid of many infections from your system. XoftSpy is produced by a leading Canadian software company, and is highly trusted throughout the computer security world. You can use it by downloading the program onto your infected PC, installing it and then letting it fix the infected files your system has.

Source by Katie Martins