The 2932 error normally shows when you are trying to update Microsoft Office 2000 with the “Service Release 1” package. There are certain reasons why this error shows, including trying to install this onto an NTFS file system, or not having the right user privileges to install it. You can fix this error quite easily if you are able to repair the various problems that cause it in the first place.

The 2932 error normally shows in this format:

Internal Error 2932: Please contact product support for assistance.

The first thing to do to fix this error is to download the Office 2000 SR1 package from the Internet and place it on your hard drive. In many instances, the “Windows Update” feature will either corrupt this file, or download the wrong one – making it impossible for your computer to use it. Downloading the package directly to your hard drive, and then installing it that way, will allow your PC to run smoothly and effectively; and could stop the 2932 error in its tracks.

After you've done that, you should then look to apply the “DisablePatch” setting inside the registry. This setting basically prevents your computer from being able to install various “patch” software programs on your PC, of which Office 2000 SR1 is. To do this, you should load up “RegEdit.exe” from C:WindowsSystem32 and then change the value of this setting to apply it.

Proceeding this, you should also use a “registry cleaner” to repair any damaged registry settings that could be causing this type of errors inside the registry database. A registry cleaner is a software tool designed to scan through your PC and fix the various errors that cause errors & issues. Not many people realize this, but the “registry database” of your PC could have a lot of problematic files inside – preventing it from being able to read the files it needs to run. The registry database of your system basically stores all the settings & options that Windows needs to run smoothly, and is continually being used to help recall various settings for your system. Unfortunately, this database is continually being saved in the wrong way, causing Windows a lot of errors & other problems. You can fix this problem by using a ‘registry cleaner' to repair any of the damaged registry settings that are causing problems.

Source by Katie Martins