The Metalix CAD/CAM Software System, known as cncKad, provides solutions for all Punch, Laser, and Combination Machines. cncKad is integrated with solid modellers, including SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Autodesk, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, and Vertex G4. There is no need for any intermediate files, like DXF, in order to transfer projects to cncKad.

Geometry, Dimensions, and Technology (including Punching and Cutting) are completely associative in cncKad. When the Geometry is modified, Dimensions and Technology are automatically updated. cncKad features 2D and 3D design, Automatic Nesting, NC Generation, Graphic Simulation, and Machine Communication.

cncKad can read DWG files directly from AutoCAD, IGES, CADL, DXF, and other formats. Sheet Metal oriented commands make creating geometry in cncKad extremely easy. It is easy to validate the geometry with features that are simple to use. These features include Correction, Analysis, and Modification.

There is a wide range of processing features. Manual tools give full control over production. Efficient automated tools save time and effort. Other tool selections include Auto Punch, Auto Cut, Common Cuts for Punch, Laser Common Cuts, Automatic Reposition, and Automatic Clamp Avoidance. These are a few examples of the many tools available through cncKad.

The Processing module is an automatic and interactive tool that supplies graphical processing for Punch, Laser, Plasma, Water Jet, and Flame technologies. It can process using automatic reposition, clamp-avoidance, stripes, trimming, support for Wilson Wheel family, minimizing tool rotation, and detailed are reports.

Processing the part is simple, and next users have the ability to create a Multi-Part Sheet with ease by resizing the sheet and generating NC. Macros are created automatically, unless users desire a longer and better optimized NC code.

The Drafting module is powerful and easy to use. It offers a full set of drafting tools and special sheet metal drafting aids. The aids include notching, chamfering, filleting, automatic detection and correction of unclosed contours, shape recognition, geometry validation, and utilizing true-type fonts.

Graphic simulation of NC program enables easy editing when viewing the processed sheet. cncKad should automatically be checked for errors during simulation. Errors could include missing parameters, clamp errors, over-travel errors, and more. The NC to DFT option allows users to import legacy NC programs into simulation.

To generate a nested sheet with assorted parts, users can choose between Manual Nesting and an automated AutoNest Module. This is capable of creating Group Arrays with Macros. Before machining, users can generate Job Reports in Word format that are fully customizable to suit the needs of the user.

There are a few key benefits of using cncKad Metalix software. It is an advanced CAD/CAM solution for the Sheet Metal manufacturer. cncKad supports the entire design to production cycle. Jobs can be ported to different machines or technology in the simplest way possible with a few easy mouse clicks.

cncKad offers a variety of Punch, Laser, Plasma, and Flame machines support with their software. The Auto Nest tool gives optimal material utilization to provide the best fit in nesting solutions. The advanced technology of cncKad combines with drafting and processing in the same module. cncKad creates efficient CNC programs with precision and ease.

The software allows users to import and export standard file formats. A few examples include DXF, IGES, CADL, and DWG. There is a large range of machines that are supported, making it useful for any type of Sheet Metal manufacturer.

cncKad offers Parametric Programming, advanced processing technologies, and support for a wide range of machines. The software is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. It also functions perfectly with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 packages.


Source by James R. Randall