When Office 2007 was released just a few short years ago the franchise received a complete makeover with the new menu on display called the ribbon menu. Microsoft Word received that big change and in the coming months Word 2010 will be released and it has several new features that fans will be dying to get their hands on. This article will outline the core features of the new release and explain the major benefits of each feature in Word 2010.

The first major feature that has been implemented in Word 2010 is the introduction of photo editing or image manipulation right into Word. Previously a user would require the help of an application like Photoshop which in itself is an extremely complicated piece of software. Microsoft have noticed the pitfalls of switching between programs just to do simple edits which could be much better if incorporated into Word. Some of the additional benefits you can get from the image editing in Word is the background removal tool.

Background removal is a common technique acted on an image to make an image blend in or to just make it look tidied. This used to be very difficult in paint and very tough in Photoshop without any knowledge of image editing so the introduction of it into Word had to be easy to use. Microsoft has simplified the whole process in Word by reducing the task to just a few buttons and the background of pictures can be removed in seconds with ease.

Another feature that has been added to Word 2010 is the artistic effects that can be done to an image. The main aim of an image effect change in Word 2010 is to be simple and easily done and i believe this has been done successfully. The options can be selected in one click or hovered over to see a preview of the effect.

Another few standard features of releases in the Office range is the addition of extra templates and document layouts. The new templates in 2010 have really improved on the ones provided with Office 2007 and to be honest those templates were beginning to become very stale from over use. So with the new templates you will easily begin to impress with your new reports and documents.

In summary, Word 2010 offers a great range of benefits over 2007 and fans will be dying to get there hands on this one. The photo editing tools are extremely useful and will only truly be appreciated over time when we completely rely on them to get the documents we work on competed faster.

Source by Ricardo Reynolds