The 3D animator software Illusion Mage produced has raised the stakes for 3D animator software in general. More familiar brands like 3D Lightwave or 3D Maya definitely are powerful tools for 3D animation but this software has been proven to produce the same quality 3D for a much cheaper price. This software is also very versatile and provides a wide selection of different rendering and gaming creation support systems witch makes it fully customizable.

There have been tons of feed back since its first release. Leading European animation studios have started using it and they all love it. There has been close to zero negative responses to the software, people are in love with it because versatility and power that makes animation so much easier.

What this 3D animator software includes is integrated modeling, advanced rendering and real-time 3D game creation package. These are all very powerful and flexible providing support for a wide range of applications. They also have a wide range of functions built in that most people say are very convenient and easy to use.

This software was initially designed for beginners but over the years has become an in home basic necessity. The lead designer of this project Seth Avery wanted to make sure that this software could be used by anyone. Beginners and professionals agree that it serves its purpose fairly well.

The 200+ page manual included with this 3D animator software proves to be a helpful guide. This guide walks you throughout every feature and function. With this guide you can learn everything about the software with out any hard ache.

The video tutorials also prove to be very helpful. These videos together are over 6 hours over in-depth footage. You can expect to get the best out of this software with out any questions unanswered.

This 3D animator software is starting to get widely popular among 3D antinationalist. It is comparable to more expensive brands and also have more features built in. The price may be on the rise soon so if you want it at the unbeatable price its out now go get it now. This will be a very wise investment.

Source by Nathan Barclay