The use of 3D modeling in graphic design is becoming more commonplace and is used in a wide variety of different fields. The process of 3D modeling is to represent a three dimensional surface object, whether it be inanimate or living, with specialized software. Also referred to as 3D computer graphics, a business can benefit in many ways from using this technology within their graphic designs. The use of 3D models in graphic design is now widespread, and many computer games actually used 3D modeling before computers could render them in real time.

Nearly all 3D models can be divided into two different categories, those that are solid and those that are shell/boundary. Solid models define the volume of the object and are more realistic, although much more difficult to build. They are used mostly for non visual simulations, including those developed in the engineering and medical industries. A shell/boundary model doesn't represent the volume but the surface area. They are easier to work with and these are the types used in film and video games.

3D models are used in many different industries. For example the movie industry has come to rely on 3D modeling as today's story lines and the need for special effects remains constant. Actors often find themselves acting opposite a blue screen and having to imagine their co-star, who is actually added in later via 3D modeling. This is true for both animated and real-life motion pictures. The medical industry is able to make significant advances through the use of 3D graphics as they can use detailed images of organs and other parts of the body. Today video and computer games look almost real with the incredible detail that has been achieved through 3D technology. Models are used in science and research to great effect, and within engineering time, money and effort can be saved by generating 3D models of designs, vehicles and structures, not to mention that structures can be tested to some degree with a higher element of safety. Buildings and landscapes can also be constructed by using this technology within the architecture industry. More recently earth science professionals are using 3D geological models, all developed through the use of 3D modeling.

A graphic design company can help your business use 3D modeling effectively and to great benefit. With so many businesses having a website as part of their advertising platform 3D modeling can help you present ideas, products or services from a completely unique perspective. Your businesses marketing potential can be enhanced as clients can take virtual tours of your facility, a 3D character can guide them through your website and clients could even experience 3D versions of your product. Not just for the Internet your business could also use models within instructional CD-ROM or DVD's, and you may find it easier when taking photographs for print advertisements to use a 3D model instead of the real product, particularly in cases where the product may be dirty, it is dangerous working industrial equipment or it is hard for the photographer to access.


Source by Paul P Michaels