This hard drive is perfect for the first time user who knows nothing about portable hard drives. Remember that you do not have to install ANY of the software that comes with the drive. This unit is a simple “plug an play” device that works well through your Windows Explorer.

2TB is more room than the average user will need in a lifetime!! Backup storage for all of your files at this price is amazing. You can carry it all with you and hook up to any other computer to share any of your data.

This is a well made, easy to use piece of equipment that I would recommend to anyone that is looking for an external storage device

The WD My Pasport External Hard Drive gives you up to 1TB of reliable storage capacity to store and back up your documents, photos, movies, music and more. It uses 3.0 connectivity for blazing fast transfer rates and there's even password protection to keep your files safe from unauthorized access.

The WD My Pasport External Hard Drive Essential comes with WD Smart Ware as the backup software. It can be installed straight from the drive itself, so be careful about formatting it before you use it if you want to make use of the software.

The software is nicely laid out and scans your PC's internal HD, dividing the content on them into categories such as ‘Documents' and ‘Movies', with a handy visual representation of how much space they take up on the drive. Backing up and restoring files on the drive is easy, although there's no option for automatic backups – Windows will have to handle that.

Since the WD My Pasport External Hard Drive Essential is an external HD with a large capacity and an emphasis on backing up, speed is of huge importance. The aforementioned USB 3.0 interface enables the drive reach sequential read and write speeds on average of 80.57MB/s and 80.5MB/s respectively.

I do have a warning though, the only proven and trusted way to preserve important files is to burn them into data discs (CD/DVD/Blue-rays). Because hard drives have a limited lifespan, and will fail sooner or later, usually without any warning signs. An external hard drive is very convenient to use, but the stuff that cannot be easily replaced, should always first be backed up on discs. Trust me, it will give you peace of mind. Also you can have two different hard drive with the same information, like I do. If you really don't want to keep discs around anymore.

And with $84.17 in Amazon, I think this is a great buy.

Source by Wahyudi Warsaintya