One of the hottest trends in social media these days is live-streaming. There have been several sites and software featuring live-streaming services before, but they only gained much more attention upon the advent of mobile devices. Periscope leads the pack of mobile apps offering primarily live-streaming services. It is considered a game-changer in the social media field because unlike other social media sites, Periscope gained a million of users in just a short period of time. It is widely used as evidenced by the bulk of streamed videos being watched in one day – more or less 40 million minutes. But there are certain limitations to this app and that's where Scope Freak comes in to help.

Scope Freak is a desktop software tool designed for Periscope streams. This one-of-a-kind software tool was launched on December 28, 2015. It is intended to assist online marketers in their video advertising pursuits.


Ali G and Marcus Lim are the authors of this software tool. They are the same team who brought Social Interest Freak and Social Lead Freak to numerous online marketers who want to gain an edge in their social media marketing pursuits. Ali G also created other efficient web marketing tools such as 1st Place Penguin, Forum Fortunes, WP Mobile Assault, WP Time Trigger and WP Video Commando.

How to Use the Program

Upon the purchase of the software, it can be installed on computers. It is highly compatible; in fact, it works on MacBook, laptop and desktop computers.

You just need to sign up for a free account once the program is installed. The interface of this program is pretty straightforward too; you just need to follow four simple steps to save livestreams.

The first step is to insert the streamed video's URL. Second, choose the destination folder for the downloaded video. The third step takes time because it is when the stream is being downloaded. However, unlike several video-downloading programs, Scope Freak lets users download videos in a speedy manner. It can even download three-hour streams in just a few minutes. A progress bar is placed to indicate the percentage of the downloaded parts. When all the raw files are downloaded, the word ‘Finished' will be shown down the list of the raw files. The fourth and final step is the uploading of the downloaded stream into your YouTube account.


Some of the advantages of using Scope Freak are its user-friendliness, compatibility, and speedy downloading process. As implied earlier, this software is made as assistance to the limitations of the app Periscope. One of common problems of Periscope users is the expiration of their streams after 24 hours. The audience who missed the live-streaming needed to watch within the 24 hours limit.

With the said software, the streamer and viewers alike don't have to scramble to watch within the 24-hour limit; they can watch whenever they want to as long as they downloaded the streamed videos. They can also store the videos for as long as they want and need. Users have the option to edit their downloaded streams using the new YouTube editing tools or offline video-editing software.

Who Needs the Software

Downloaded videos are of high quality. It will surely add to the reliability of online marketers who embed the high-quality videos in their respective e-commerce sites. Online marketers can monetize their videos as well. They can add ads in the videos or links to various sales pages.

Bloggers and nearly everyone who has a device and Internet connection can apply as an affiliate for the software. The price of the program ranges from $27 to $47. The price depends on the package. The basic one costs $27 to $37 while the pro package costs $37 to $47. Affiliates earn 50% commission for each sale of the software.


The number of online marketers are increasing every year, and to stand out in this saturated industry is to use the latest trends in tech. Live-streaming through mobile applications such as Periscope is currently one of the hottest trends nowadays. To maximize the potential of this trend, Scope Freak is developed. With this software, users can download and edit their videos or scopes to attract more leads and prospects into their respective online businesses.


Source by James Thumper