To double your brain power, you must adopt the concept of wanting to gain more knowledge and the willingness to become a better thinker. Most of us have the notion that we only have an “average” mental power, yet that can be tweaked if you will only pursue the goal of growing your potential.

Here are seven powerful ways to enhance your mind capacity and double your brain power.

  1. The very first thing that you should know is that you already have the power and all that is left for you to do is improve what you have through the essence of learning. Don't think about the barriers. Discard thoughts like: you're a bad learner, you can't learn crucial subjects and that learning is a boring thing.
  2. The next thing is to improve your capability to memorize. This is when you want your mind to remember certain data quickly whenever you need it. You must believe that you can remember that material, intend to remember it by using your willpower, visualize it inside your thoughts, command the conscious part of your brain to remember it and review the material a day after. This last point helps with memory retention and is an important step that many people miss out.
  3. The next stop is to double your thinking power. Always think inductively, logically and deductively. Along with those notions, apply your sense of creativity and always think positively. Be objective when needed and tune up your thoughts by thinking intuitively.
  4. To increase your capability to solve problems you must first gather the data you need. Know that without information, you can not build solutions, alternatives and even theories. Classify this data and divide it into sectors that your mind can easily memorize. Study the data's structure and its crucial components. Then, generalize this information so you can create ideas, insights and solutions.
  5. Reject the wisdom of having “standards”. It only limits you to learn more. Implementing other's wisdom into your mind will be a good thing, yet do not let this wisdom become a barrier for you to learn things.
  6. Always think that learning is “rewarding”. Knowledge is a thing that no one can steal from you yet something that can be useful for you and the people that surround you. Your knowledge is something that you can use at work, for your passion and for your everyday living.
  7. And lastly, when it comes to making life decisions, always ask your “mind” first before you follow what your heart dictates. Allow yourself to fail, yet make those failures become lessons that you have learned. Embrace failures and improve yourself from those mistakes. Think that whatever you did to not achieve something will actually take you a little bit closer to the things that you want to reach. Know that only narrow minded people get stuck on their failures.

If you only have the will to learn, then improving your brain's capability will be simpler than you thought. It actually does not take hardwork to become a better thinker. You simply need to apply some concepts and open up your mind to the reality that you can always increase your brain's power.

Source by Trevor Johnson