Information, whether it's a cooking recipe or converting your car to run with hydrogen or even a reverse cell phone lookup has never been easier or cheaper. Several years ago, if you required information on a cellular number, the first thing that comes to mind is, “private investigator” followed by some $$$ signs!

Two problems with this choice:

  1. Very expensive ($100s minimum)
  2. Takes from days up to weeks sometimes

Private detectives were replaced by expensive reverse phone directories – Yes, the very first reverse cellular phone directories were extremely expensive ($69-99). Recently several new services were established that charged $14.95 for tracing a cell number

Expensive reverse directories have now been replaced with cheaper directories Yes, prices have now gone down to 99 cents. Actually this is not their regular price. The regular price is $5 ($4.99) and they're currently running a special 80% of deal. This makes it a great deal for a reverse cellular phone number look up. This is as cheap as reverse telephone information will ever get.

Why not the white pages? Because mobile numbers are “Unlisted” in order to protect wireless user privacy and to comply with the existing privacy laws. Yep! As simple as that. Back in 2006, arrangements had been made to build a national mobile phone directory. Although there was initial agreement among the wireless providers, upon realizing that they will not be able to protect their customers' privacy, all companies withdrew from the agreement. As a result, even today, the USA does not have a national directory for mobile numbers.

What type of information can you get from these reverse databases?

  • Full Name and address of the owner with a map
  • Previous residences/ addresses held by the phone owner
  • Relatives, associates, neighbors
  • And more depending on individual cases


Source by Martin Harmsworth