Dell precision m6500 workstation is created to liberate innovative and resourceful professionals, designers, research scientists, engineers and animators from their desk. Further, Dell precision m6500 workstation also aids the defense customers' mission who is in need of mobile workstation security and performance, including data encryption and authentication, while in the field.

Like the m4500, Dell precision m6500 mobile workstation too offers optimized performance and compatibility on ninety five key applications from most important ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) like Adobe, Autodesk, Schlumberger and Dassault Syst̬mes. M6500 offers near instant access to emails, contacts, calendar, virtual remote desktop and internet by means of a new innovative technology РDell precision on.

Dell precision m6500 mobile workstation is really powerful. It attributes highly influential workstation that is worth the money spent. As a strong mobile workstation, it has topped the other workstations that are considered productive and powerful. The mobile workstation m4500 consists of the following features:

• Up to Intel core i7 extreme edition quad core processor

• Genuine Windows 7 professional

• Up to 32GB of rapid 1333 MHz DDR3 (double data rate 3) memory for huge data sets

• Optional RAID either 0 or 1 storage for redundancy or performance

Unparalleled Performance

M6500 workstation is regarded the most potent mobile workstation. Here, you can discover the virtually limitless creative power provided with Genuine Windows 7 Professional, and optional Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Quad Core Processor which act in harmony with 1600MHz or 1333MHz double data rate 3 (DDR3) memory and startling or NVIDIA Quadro FX or ATI Fire Pro graphics to sustain your talent.

Providing specifications that few desktop work stations may struggle to render, Dell precision mobile workstation m6500, the most potent mobile work station from Dell remains the best option for the hardest users. As Dell mobile precision m6500 is proposed as a totally operational workstation, m6500 possess the ability to deliver ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that is certified – an application interactivity that users expect from the Dell precision.

Massive Scalability

Dell M6500 workstation has an amazing flexibility and expandability. Precision m6500 possess the skill to manage enormous amount of data.

• Precision m6500 ensures memory scalability up to 16 GB with the support for 4 memory DIMM slots. With 2 devoted hard drive bays as well as an extra SSD mini card, storage capacity of Dell m6500 has the ability to scale up to above 1 terabyte, also it is capable to be configured in RAID 0 or 1 mode in order to function with great performance.

• Several options provide you the flexible option to configure Precision m6500 accurately the way users want. Select an optional RGB LED edge to edge 17″ screen along with 100% Adobe user selectable color gamut support, optional 2 MP cameras, multi-touch touchpad along with the jog shuttle, and this allows you to operate your work station as you wish.

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