Have you ever wondered how being a little less patient, can make people spend a lot of their hard earned money? Most often you would find yourself in a situation where you get solitude only after breaking anything that comes to your hand. Such situations are not uncommon these days. A broken love, a bad deal, a pay cut, a job loss, etc. are all instances where you would find yourself in a fit of rage and just throw whatever comes to your hand or just bang whatever is in front of you.

Most commonly it's your very own laptop which bears the brunt and later you regret for not being patient and saving the hundreds of pounds spent on repairs. Much more common is the work environment which subjects your laptop to high levels of stress. These include dripping or spilling coffee or water on the laptop keyboard, a cramped luggage with laptop inside it, dust, heat and much more.

While a small drop of liquid can make your keyboard useless, a small vibration or a fast closure of the laptop screen can make the hard disk or your screen suffer damages beyond use. This might even lead to loss of precious information. This is where a rugged laptop comes in handy. In environments which call for high levels of stress for yourself and the laptop, a rugged laptop can be your savior.

Though they come with higher price tags, the cost of maintenance is incredibly low and does not need much effort from your side. Though these are mainly used by the military and research staff at extreme terrains, these can prove extremely useful for the common man too. A rugged laptop designed for the common man must be able to deal with the most common mistakes, like a liquid spill on the laptop.

What makes a laptop rugged? If you answer this question, then you have the answer to what type of a rugged laptop you must buy. If liquid spilling is the only problem you have, then a laptop with sealed ports and keyboard should do the trick. Perhaps a drop protection case should also be beneficial. The chassis of a rugged notebook is made of a tough alloy called Magnesium alloy which is considerably stronger than the regular ABS plastic. Some of these notebooks come with handles for easy portability too.

An important component to protect in a laptop is the hard drive. This drive is usually mounted inside an enclosure made of special dampening material, which can give an increased shock protection of 145 %. Sometimes the hard drive can be removed and wrapped with a gel-like thin, pliable material and inserted back into the casing so as to offer extra protection. The amount of the wrapper needed depends upon your laptop's hard drive casing space.

Nowadays, many of the rugged laptops come with SSD (solid state drives) rather than hard drives. These SSD do not have mechanical moving parts. They can also withstand twice the shock when compared to hard drives.

Some laptops come with all weather operation option, which allows them to withstand temperatures from -30 to +85 degrees centigrade.

Certain other laptops can withstand drops from a height of 90cm or even 2m. But such luxuries do come with a price tag that sets you back by at least 500 pounds above a conventional laptop. Before deciding whether to buy a rugged laptop over a conventional one, you must first analyze the need for such a laptop. You can also compare prices of laptops offered by different vendors to suit your budget.

Source by Fredrick Joy