There is no disputing the fact that a huge market exists in most parts of the world for refurbished laptops. This is not surprising because laptops are very important electronic devices to have. More to the point, there are instances where cheap laptops can be almost as effective as the more expensive brand new ones. For these reasons, buying cheap laptops can actually be considered a very sensible move.

Like most electronic products, new models are quite expensive. This is because they have certain features and facilities which the older models may not have. For laptops though, the truth is that there may not too much sense in buying an expensive current model for about $800. A good quality refurbished laptop can be purchased for just $250 or less.

Basically, laptops cost more if they have very high specifications. Current models may have about 320GB and as much as 3GB RAM (Random Access Memory). The laptop may also have a microprocessor speed of about 3GB, up to six USB ports and a webcam. Naturally, all these extra facilities are bound to make the laptop very expensive.

The point is that unless the owner is using the laptop for movie editing or website design, buying a system with the specifications above may be over the top. On the other hand, it is possible to get a cheap laptop with about 80GB, 1.7MB microprocessor speed and just 1GB RAM. This laptop may not have a webcam but it is very easy to have one installed. More to the point, if the need arises, the laptop can be upgraded by the owner and this will not really cost a lot of money. In addition, this same laptop can serve the owner for a number of years and will cost under $250.

Generally units are thoroughly inspected and refurbished carefully by factory authorized personnel. Often they look and smell brand new. They are usually very clean with maybe a small scuff or two but more often there are no blemishes.

As you can see most people do not need to spend a lot of money to get a decent laptop. Again, it does not follow that the best laptops are the most expensive ones. With a bit of research and an eye for a bargain, it is possible to get a refurbished laptop in good working order without spending a lot of money.

Source by Robert Benchoff