Backup data storage simply means saving or storing your documents, files, and other important data in another medium. This medium may be accessed in case one's files are lost or deleted. This is a way to protect your files in case of any accident that may happen to your computer or file, and also to have a copy of the file for future reference.

There are many backup data storage devices that are available in the market today. One may also purchase these storage devices over the internet. Also, some storage means are found in the internet because there are many website that offers storage spaces for individuals and companies. If you are confused on what kind of backup data storage will you choose, here are the most common storage devices that one may consider in selecting the best medium to protect your data.

1. Online data backup service. This kind of backup data storage allows one to store his files over the internet. Many websites offer this kind of service and one may choose which among the websites he will choose. The most common features of an online data backup service includes files storage up to 2 GB but may be unlimited depending on the service selected, file encryption, protection and storage of the files through a confidential username and password, and many more. The files may be accessed with any computer as long as there is a good internet connection

2. External hard drives. This storage device is detachable from the computer. It is like the hard disk of your CPU but is found outside the computer and is attached normally to the USB. One can choose the capacity of the external hard drive ranging from 8 GB to 160 GB. Also, using an external hard drive does not need an internet connection. One just has to plug it and one can already access the files stored therein.

3. Optical drives. Examples of this kind of storage device are the CD or DVD disks. Before CD or DVD, people use the floppy disks. Floppy disks are obsolete nowadays because of its limited storage capacity. CD or DVD disk storage is very convenient to use because one just has to save his files and the files are already saved or copied therein. No need for an internet connection or a USB hub. However, writing the files in the CD or DVD disks require a CD or DVD writer in order to save the files. Also, the disks are sensitive and may easily be destroyed if it is not taken care of.

4. Flash disks or thumb drives. This is the mini version of external hard drives. The difference is flash disks or thumb drives have lower storage capacity as compared to external hard drives. Since the size is small, the capacity usually ranges from 512 MB to 8 GB. The good thing about this data storage device is that it is compact and may be placed even in one's wallet. However, since it is small, one may easily lose it.

Source by C Garcia