The internet is a place for so many things. This includes socializing, sharing information and blogging. Many people have grown to like the internet. In fact, even businesses acknowledge the popularity of the internet. They've started advertising their products and services on the web. They also have their own websites so that web surfers can know more about their business. So if you have your own reason to have your own website, then what's stopping you? You may be thinking that you have to spend a lot of money to have your own website. But that's no longer necessary because you can build a website totally free. How can you make your own website for free?

The solution to this problem is another website. There are tons of websites out there that gives you the opportunity to build a website totally free. All you need to do is to search these kinds of website on the internet. But you have to be aware of some things. For instance, you need to make sure that the website is offering free website hosting, not just a free web page space. The difference between the two is that a website is a group of web pages, so a free web page space offered by other websites is simply not enough. If you think you'll find it hard to look for a good website that offers free website building, then here are two examples:

Microsoft offers free website building and hosting through their website – Although Microsoft stated that this service is intended only for small businesses, anyone can actually make an account and create their own website here. Microsoft's free website building service is feature-rich. The service offers a lot of free website design templates created by professionals, so if you find it hard to design your own website, choosing one of the many templates is a good idea. Furthermore, you can customize the website through Microsoft's simple design tool. The tool lets you customize text and the design. You can also choose from a free fourth-level domain name (e.g. for your website or buy an affordable domain name (e.g. for your own website.

Weebly is another website that offers free web building and hosting. They also offer free professional design templates for your website. An easy-to-use drag and drop website editor is also available if you want to edit the template. You can even choose to enable or disable advertisements. You see, some websites that offer free website building obliges you to put unwanted advertisements on your website. You can add any kind of web content here, from photos, files to videos, RSS feeds, flash games and such. On Weebly, you can disable such advertisements. Or if you want to earn money by adding advertisements on your website, you can simply enable the feature. Weebly also gives you the opportunity to get your own domain for free.

With so many options on the internet, you can easily build a website totally free.

Source by Ewen Chia