These days, one of the most threatening thing that can happen to a person is that he/she suddenly looses the valuable data stored on his/her computers hard drive. The very thought of losing data from a hard disk, because of weak security measures, is horrible. The only way to avoid such a possibility, if you do not have a restore option, is to back up the data on a regular basis.

Its up to you to decide what you should do to recover the data which was there inside your crashed hard drive. The first thing that you should do is that you should not run the recovery software that you got with your PC. This way you won't overwrite original files. Now you should contact a reliable recovery company of good repute to restore those files you lost due to disk failure. Some of these recovery companies come directly at your home in order to provide you recovery services. But for home service, they can charge you more.

Format of some files are such that they cannot be recovered. The best example is DWG files or some graphic files. These special files require some media in order to get recovered. There is also a lot of difference between a hard drive crash and hard drive damage. In the latter case your lost data can not recovered while in former case you can recover your lost data. In case of poor security you can never recover the data you lost. You should always keep your data in a safer place in order to protect it.

Some of the commonly used tools to protect your data from malicious programs are anti virus softwares, firewalls and encryption technology. In encryption your data is translated into some secret code and only the person who knows the password or the key is able to decrypt it.

In case of any emergency, always keep few recovery tools ready in order to avoid data loss. One of the tools is back up option. Always keep a back up of the data that is stored on your computer. Store it one some different hard drive or some other storage medium. This way, if your data is lost due to hard drive crash or damage, you will be able to recover all of it. Go for data back up often. To protect your data from others, have preventive measures in place. If your computer is in a network like the internet, then use a good firewall to block any unwanted traffic. Anti virus softwares are also a good way to stop anything that may corrupt the files on your hard drive.


Source by Tommy Jackson