Having a cheap 3D printer has made life a lot easier. Having an idea in your head is one thing being able to create it and make it to a real tangible project is an epic thing all together. One being able to create your own models, your custom cellular phone case, kitchen ware, ornaments or projects is something that is now very much possible with 3 dimension imaging. There are many 3D printing machines that offer produce have varying specifications that cater for different demands. It is the wish of many to buy an inexpensive 3D printer that will give them quality service. Below are a few of the things that should be taken into consideration that will guarantee that you purchase a cheap 3D printer, which will cost less in the long run.


Here we talking about a buying 3D printer cheap, so it may sound like repetition. However is not so when keeping in mind the technology used. Different technologies of 3D printer have been availed. There are various types of technologies used Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). The level of technology varies the quality produced and thus the price. Here its obvious that the expense is relative to the preference.

Building or buying one

The whole concept of 3D imaging is to aid creators and makers to the next level of innovation. Most imaging machines come with the option of either building one or creating one. Building your own 3D printer can be cheaper by a large imagine. However following the building instructions on 3D printer kits can be cumbersome and time consuming. If you not the kind of trying to figure out which part is goes here skip this part instead of malfunctioning printer. This consideration plays a big role in choosing a 3D printer cheap.

Materials use

It would beat logic to buy a cheap 3D printer and in the long run use materials that cost heavily. There are two types of materials used, that is the Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). for beginners the poly Lactic Acid material is a better option as they are more prone to more trials that sometimes back fire in a large way. However it is good to note that though they are excellent in creating simple small house items, the melting point is low. It needs further monetary input like interlocking parts. However the ABS material is much more expensive and thus increases the cost of owning and operating a 3D printer. Nevertheless unlike the PLA material, it is more flexible and requires no further financial inputs.

It is great to note that not all printers can accept both materials, be careful in making your option so as not to be stuck with a printer or materials that you cannot use.


This can't be over emphasized when investing in a cheap 3D printer. Just because you want to save some bucks doesn't mean you compromise on safety. Remember that in the long run you will be working with superbly heated plastics. When choosing printer, look at the work surroundings and where it will be placed. This is especially so when using the ABS plastic materials that releases pungent poisonous fumes. Innovation and creativity should not be at the expense of numerous hospital bills. So practice and preach a caution and enjoy working with your cheap 3D printer


This is where it gets a little bit interesting. Many are times people choose cheap 3D printers just because it as on offer and there was a to of hype going around a particular printer. However it may not be as useful to you as it is for them, you might have fun trying to come up with new images but never be able to show them off or use them because of the horrendous quality. The print solution and print speed should be considered. The best way of gauging this is to look at the print output. Print resolution is measured in microns, the smaller it is the higher the level of detail is. Print speed comes in inversely proportional, the slower it is the higher the print quality you have. However it's good to note that it differs from print to print. Nonetheless, choosing wisely will ensure you have acquire a quality 3D printer cheaply that will serve you for a long long time.


Source by Dave Berger